INFO-BOOTH (Collective Urinalysis)
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
COLLABORATORS: Melissa Longenecker, Jennifer Nelson, Michael W. Wilson, and Natalie Zimmerman

A public introduction to the Post-traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction through audio, video and ephemera. Urine samples are gathered from visitors and a collective urinalysis is performed by a urologist. Results are later posted to LACE website.

Collective Urinalysis Results




Byzantine Museum, Athens; Los Angeles, CA
COLLABORATORS: Dimitri Kotsaras, Mr. Flo, Melissa Longenecker, Jennifer Nelson, Michael W. Wilson, and Natalie Zimmerman

Excerpt from the Song of Rage and Longing:

“Several on-going letters of sincerity from the United States and around the globe are sent to the ancient center of Athens near the Acropolis. Writers are asked to express their passionate dismay, their poignant pleas, their will and affirmation for a different administration of our dimension. In keeping with the idea of democracy and a heterogeneous blend of voices, those desiring to participate need only log on to the Rage and Longing site to send their personal missive…
In Athens, these multiple thoughts/voices, arriving through an online interface, are projected within a rooftop installation overlooking the Acropolis. As each missive arrives, it is immediately printed and an interpretive/administrative committee edits together an official text – a new agenda created on the spot through arguing, editing, cutting, pasting, and whimsy. This is made into a large, “canonized” book. Sections of the official text are then given to a Greek chorus to sing. This amplified song of rage and longing fills the area.”




Kunsthalle Dusseldorf
COLLABORATORS: Jennifer Nelson, Michael W. Wilson and Natalie Zimmerman

• Four martial artists are recruited to manipulate interior traffic stancheons.
• Meat Report from the u.s. is broadcast on video.
• Traffic Report is broadcast live from Los Angeles.
• Motivational CD is broadcast.

Responding to a predetermined set of possible cues delivered through the various broadcasts, the traffic weavers move ropes and stancheons. The conductor attempts to maintain broadcast connections and to clarify key messages as they are communicated.




Chinatown, Los Angeles
COLLABORATORS: Jeremiah Day, Fred Dewey, Dimitri Kotsaras, Jennifer Nelson, Michael W. Wilson, Natalie Zimmerman)

• Five readers of motivational texts
• One relay reader
• One typist
• Two vocalists with cellphones

Readers simultaneously read key passages from motivational texts. typist attempts to record as much verbal data as possible, producing a record/script. Relay reader calls vocalists and reads record/script. vocalists loudly sing record/script, using extemporaneous melodies. Operation repeats cycle for two hours.




PISS Press, Los Angeles
COLLABORATORS: Jennifer Nelson, Michael W. Wilson & Natalie Zimmerman




PISS Press, Los Angeles
COLLABORATORS: Jennifer Nelson & Michael W. Wilson